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Well this is my n. time to try to create working ERP. As PHP and it's frameworks (ZF) became too complex to me I switched to python. YUI (2) was very frustrating to me because organising YUI code between ZF templates. So this time, I choose django and JQuery. Now we have to see will I manage to bring this project to life.

Project status (last change - 06.03.2012.):

  1. address book (DONE: companies, contacts, - TODO: documentation, better design)
  2. offer/bill module (DONE: offer, invoices, approvals, - TODO: documentation, reports, warehouse invoice module, …)
  3. TODO: warehouse management (for materials, for goods)
  4. TODO: service business workflow
  5. TODO: production business workflow
  6. TODO: inventory management

Project Assembla space

If someone wants to help, let me know. I am primary looking for designer but anyone willing to help is welcome.

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