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PKK Viewer

:!: 3.8.2014. I have stoped running as it is not usefull anymore.

:!: I have created small service so that you do not have to bother with installation of this app. Just use the service.

This is small command line app which generates html file from PKK (Porezno Knjigovodstvenu Karticu) xml file format. That is Croatian Government tax account listing. Generated html file you can view and print from any browser (Firefox, IE, …). Reason for creating this small program is that ePorezna application (Croatian Government Tax application) does not support print out whole PKK but only one account at time. That can be very frustrating if you have many accounts.

:!: This is quick 4 hours programming script (no comments and nasty code - but it is working)




  • python 2.6+
  • asciidoc

Just unpack archive to some directory.


Here is just one example:

python -f ../ppk20091130.xml

For just little more help you can do

python -h

Screenshots (of generated document)

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