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Installing Canon MP620 on OpenSuse 11.4

Well here is good general linux explanation of installation process.

You will need Cannon MP610 official debian drivers and MP620 PPD files for cups

Installing official Canon MP610 driver

You should unpack downloaded archive to some directory. You could use following shell commands for that:

gunzip MP610_debian.tgz
tar -xvf MP610_debian.tar

Unpacked files should be:


As .deb files are debian installation packages you should transform them to .rpm which is usual installation format for OpenSuse. For that purpose you should use alien package. As alien package is not in default repositories so you need to add contrib OpenSuse repository (use YAST→Software Repositories→Add). Than you can install alien package as usually throught YAST.

To convert .deb files to .rpm you can use following shell commands:

alien -r cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.deb
alien -r cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.deb

Now you should have following files added in directory:


Then in Dolphin (file manager) you can double click cnijfilter-common_2.80-1_i386.rpm to install it. cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.rpm should be installed through shell command because it has dependency ( which are not available with OpenSuse:

rpm -i --nodeps cnijfilter-mp610series_2.80-1_i386.rpm

To resolve this dependency ( you should as root (super user) go to /usr/lib directory and create symbolic link with following command:

ln -s

Install MP620 PPD files

So, you need to add correct ppd file to cups system. You should download them from links at beginning of this text. To unpack them you can use following commands:

gunzip ppdMP620-630en-1.5.tar.gz
tar -xvf ppdMP620-630en-1.5.tar

This should create sub-directory named ppdMP620-630en-1.5. There should be 3 files in it. As written in README file you should:

  1. Copy the ppd file (printer/language, for ex. canonmp620-630en.ppd) along with other ppd files in: /usr/share/cups/model/
  2. Copy the cifmp610.conf file to replace Canon’s original file in /usr/lib/bjlib/
  3. as root run /etc/init.d/cups restart shell command
  4. Reinstall printer, use the new MP600, MP610, MP620, MP630 printer device provided by .ppd file. You can use yAST for this but it will not automatically detect printer. You should use Add button.

That is all :-) . Printer should work now.

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