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  • 1.8.2009. - started working on “bill” module (orders, invoices, inventory management, etc.)
  • 1.4.2009. - module addressbook implementation finished (basic)
  • 1.1.2009. - VOR module abandoned (for reason see below for reason)


Loota is application framework for business applications designed for small companies (less than 50 employers). It is build around Zend Framework and other open source libraries (YUI, Propel, …). It is built as set of plug-ins which can communicate directly.

I am thinking to develop following plug-ins: installation, inventory management, fabric warehouse (probably it will be developed on top of inventory management), simple CMS, …

You can find more info and source code here.



1.4.2009. Simple company address book solution implemented.


Work in progress …

This should be small company ERP (for manufacture companies). Firs I will implement order/business possibilities/invoices/manufacture management . Then inventory management.

I will try to make this system usable by any kind of business by using plugins.


:!: 1.1.2009 I have stopped this work as I have found VRTool ( which is really nice and complete solution for virtual regattas

Module which should help you to calculate best route to desired point in

This module use Azimuth equidistant projection (sphere) for great circles calculation. This could also be useful to long distance radio communication.

It uses Mercator projection for local 12 hour calculation.

Maps and data are shown with help of Google maps API.

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