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My old programs

Expression Evaluator 1.5

This one of my first program for calculation of mathematical expressions. It works under windows. It is written in C++ (using Borland Builder). You can find this software on my old tripod pages


C++ style callback add-on for FLTK toolkit. More...


While I was learning Java I wanted to to something useful. A started to write mySQL admin application but I soon realized that that was to big bite for me. More...


This was my attempt to create library for translating pages created with php. This use XML files for storage and has simple incomplete translators interface.


This was my first attempt to create small business ERP. As with many of my I stop developing it after I realized that I could do many things in quicker and better way.

MPMS - kcore

This was my second attempt to create small business ERP (MPMS - Modular Production Management System) and application framework. It used smarty which after that I do not like. Also I have coded many things which other frameworks had even better. ilok and kodform2 was also used. And finally first version (0.2) of Zend Framework came out so I stop developing kcore. This was (and still is) open source project. More


This simple PHP app was developed for managing business car rides. This kind of managing is obligatory in Croatia so my company needed some simple solution.

Ovo je jednostavna PHP aplikacija za pracenje loko-voznji i putnih naloga (putni nalozi nisu implementirani).



  • 10.09.2007 - Well, I stopped developing this library for now (and probably forever).
  • 07.03.2007 - This pages about kodform4 will not be updated. Please see Google Code project pages for new info and releases.
  • 19.11.2006 - Multiselect functionality added (available only in SVN)


kodform4 is server side form processing library. It is something like PEAR HTML_Quick_Form but I hope it will be better. The most significant difference is kodform4 rendering concept. Some people think that rendering information should not be in form classes other thinks that it should. I think that form elements should be able to render themselves but should not contain form layout information. For now only server side (no javascript) processing and validation is implemented. It is possible to do fast prototypes of your forms and later to implement nice look and feel. This library is currently in preview stage but if you find interesting please use it and contribute.

:!: I have stoped developing this library. Zend Framework has nice and better component Zend_Validate.

Check development progress on Google Code.

My old PHP stuf

PKK Viewer

  • PKK Viewer PKK Viewer (Preglednik porezno knjigovodstvenih kartica, usefull just to Croatian people), old program not useful anymore


  • duster - guess what, again, it is ERP for small companies. Not finished.
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